Lian, Yang

Yang Lian (c) Luo Guihong

Yang Lian, born 1955 in Bern, Switzerland, grew up in China and now lives in Berlin and London. He published 15 volumes of poetry, 2 volumes of prose, and many essays. His work has been translated into more 30 languages. Recently published in English translation were “Anniversary Snow” (Shearsman Books 2019, translated by Brian Holton and others) and “A tower built downwards” (Bloodaxe 2023, translated by Brian Holton). Yang Lian has received numerous international awards, most recently the English PEN Award 2023 and the Jiu Ge Prize of the first Miluo Literature Prize in China. Lian has been elected a board member of PEN International in 2008 and 2011. Since 2014 he has been a distinguished professor and writer in residency in Shantou University in China.

Festival Content

POETRY TALK: Yang Lian & Jan Wagner

Night in the Palace of Mosquitoes

Atelierraum | 7/5 € Tickets

Yang Lian and Jan Wagner are two of the most renowned poets of their languages. They have known each other for almost ten years and have translated each other’s work since then. In this event, they’re presenting their poems in both Chinese and German, and will speak about their collaboration, the difficulties of translating poems into another language and another culture, as well as about the power of translations when they succeed.

Lian, YangWagner, Jan