Transients #3

Electronic performanc, in the framework of the exhibition "Broken Machines, Wild Imaginings"

2023-06-13, 5:00 PM

Halle 1  | Free admission

Pedro Oliveira – Mel-filterbank

TRANSIENTS looks closely at the history of the technologies expressed in the work The Emotional Residue of an Unnatural Boundary, taking them into speculative realms of possibility towards many futures. By engaging with the materiality of filtered sound and its aesthetic manifestation, this series of three performances expands the capabilities of thinking technical systems beyond extractivism and classification, and toward implicancy and relation.

Each performance deals differently with the haptic sonic qualities in the artwork, yet none of them actually engage in the process of filtering per se. Rather, the performers use a broad range of different sounds to “hold technology accountable”, that is, making them show themselves in the raw. By doing so, the relationship between what technology imparts to bodies is reversed – it is now bodies affecting into technology. They configure another set of relations that speculatively point to the establishment of novel understandings and relationships with systems and infrastructures around us, and their consequences on those of us who dwell and live in the borderlands.

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This event takes place in the framework of the exhibition „Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings“, JUNGE AKADEMIE, Akademie der Künste.