Ghosting the Machine

in the framework of the exhibition Broken Machines, Wild Imaginings

2023-06-16, 5:00 PM

Halle 2 | Free admission

Sahej Rahal, Performance, 20 min

Within the cybernetic sensorium of Anhad, we find a masked demon conversing with an AI simulation that has turned sentient. He whispers remnants of ancient secrets and lost histories into feral machines roaming an uninhabited forest. Soon enough, their dialogue begins to dissolve, dissimulating speech into sound at the outer limits of language. The programme starts to dance in response, emanating notes of Hindustani music carried within its limbs. It sings back, creating an infinite song across the porous boundaries of myth, machine, mind and memory.

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This event takes place in the framework of the exhibition „Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings“, JUNGE AKADEMIE, Akademie der Künste.