Poets‘ Corner in Pankow – Prenzlauer Berg

Zukunft erinnern

2023-06-06, 7:30 PM

Friedhof St. Marien und St. Nikolai I | Prenzlauer Allee 1 | 10405 Berlin


St. Marien- und St. Nikolai-Friedhof I in Prenzlauer Berg is perhaps the most beautiful cemetery in Berlin. Wild growth, winding paths, impressive grave monuments, an interesting history, guided tours on wild herbs, and the Verwalterhaus at its entrance, where current art and culture are on display: An acoustic island in the midst of the city noise, a small biotope in the concrete landscape. This is a place with a special temporality, where past and future are closely interwoven. Here we want to practice foreboding, which is expressed by the same word as ancestor in German language: How much future may be found in remembering? What can roots tell me about the future? Can I build portals? Can I learn to remember differently, better? More optimistically? Can language help me to do this? Can I help the language to do this? 


Moderation: Saskia Warzecha


Free entry

Bezirksamt Pankow, das Instituto Cervantes and the Berliner Künstler*programm des DAAD. The 24th poesiefestival berlin is a project of Haus für Poesie in cooperation with Akademie der Künste and is supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.