Poets‘ Corner in Pankow – Weißensee

Durch Sprachen driften: Mehrsprachige Lyrik

2023-06-08, 7:30 PM

Brotfabrik | Caligariplatz 1 | 13086 Berlin


What languages are used in Berlin’s poetry? How do they mix? What new languages emerge in Berlin’s poetry? What worlds of experience does multilingual poetry negotiate and what creative potential does it hold? 

The multilingual poem takes a close look at language. It illuminates its functions and effects and lets us experience different perceptions that are expressed through languages. The multilingual poem exposes the materiality of language. It works on and it changes language, it shows the inherent mutability of language. Through multilingual poetry we experience how identities are formed in and between languages and how language and a sense of home are interwoven. By evading the claim of universal readability, the multilingual poem writes actively against hierarchizations between languages and writing systems and thus becomes a gesture of resistance. 


Moderation: Lea Schneider


Free entry

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