POETRY TALK: Sarah Ciston & Swantje Lichtenstein

Filtrierung der Maschinenmaschinen

2023-06-15, 5:30 PM

Halle 1 | Free admission


“Cells disappear into similarity / Distorted. Dissolved systems of analysis / Recognize anyone. I phone.” (Swantje Lichtenstein: KODE).

How can we democratically and intersectionally make use of AI (Artificial Intelligence)? How can we counter the ways that the likes of ChatGPT promote and reproduce discrimination? In this poetry conversation, poet/programmer Sarah Ciston and poet/performance artist Swantje Lichtenstein will explore these questions academically and artistically. Together with Emma Braslavsky, they will discuss intersectional decoding, knowing machines, and critical and creative approaches to working with digitality and AI. Their reading and conversation will take place in the context of the exhibition “Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings,” which will question the power structures inherent to AI (and its myriad ethical implications) through ten installations – specifically in Sarah Ciston’s labyrinth installation “No Knots, Only Loops,” a crochet sculpture composed of 36,672 stitches, forming a 64-square meter labyrinth of recurring patterns that renders AI’s material expansion quite literally tangible.




The event will be interpreted English-German.

Project management: Nadine Tenbieg

Poetry talk in collaboration with Young Academy of Arts Berlin in the exhibition “Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings.”