Die drei Jahreszeiten (The three Seasons)

Diorama of a More-Than-Human Revolution

2023-06-10, 3:30 PM

Installation from Friday, 9.6. until Friday, 16.6. | Halle 3

Premiere live: 10.6. 3.30 pm


The climate on earth has finally and fundamentally changed. The sun relentlessly burns down, the oceans keep rising, and snow only exists as an idea. In the midst of this climatological catastrophe, a socio-ecological revolution is taking place. Humans, animals, and plants come together to practice a new togetherness on this damaged planet. A movement is growing, and their destination is Berlin. “The Three Seasons” is a diorama in various forms: simultaneously kinetic installation, video art, poem, radio play, perhaps even opera – maximalism in a small box. The diorama mourns the world as we know it, looks forward to the coming evolution, and discovers a future that has long since begun.

“The Three Seasons” is based on the long poem “wir zaudern, wir brennen” by Tim Holland.


by and with: Jan Brauer (recording & additional mixing), Hsiangfu Chen (stage), Andreas Dzialocha (music & programming), Roman Hagenbrock (production & video), Tim Holland (text), Hsuan Huang (stage), and Sebastian Köthe (dramaturgy) and Bastian Späth (programming)

Voices: Marta Forsberg, Thomas Humphrey, Mateja Meded, Helmut Mooshammer, and Rebecca Motzel

Duration: approximately 53 minutes, in a loop


Language: German