2023-06-02, 2:00 PM

Halle 1 + 2

2.6. – 9.7.

Tue – Fri 2 – 7 pm & Sat / Sun 11 am – 7 pm


The Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings exhibition presents ten new installations by JUNGE AKADEMIE fellows, who artistically explore artificial intelligence. The focus is on speculative and experimental practices that articulate and question the handling of power and ethics in the context of AI. The artists respond to the fragile reality of machines and their extractivist logic, algorithmic violence and techno-solutionism with poetic worlds and playful concepts as well as strategies of repair. They develop alternative paradigms, histories and ideas of technologies and a digital life beyond the systems of Big Tech. The themes of the multimedia installations range from deep-sea cables as historical channels for power to indigenous technologies and cosmologies, AI-based models of humans, queer and decolonial computing, and the question of digital immortality.

Fellows: D’Andrade feat. Walla Capelobo, Sarah Ciston, Sara Culmann, Tin Wilke & Laura Fong Prosper, Petja Ivanova, Pedro Oliveira, Sahej Rahal, SONDER (Peter Behrbohm & Anton Steenbock), Aarti Sunder, Natasha Tontey


Artistic Interventions during the time of the festival in the exhibition Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings will happen on:


11.06. with SONDER (Peter Behnbrohm & Anton Steenbock) / Paramnesie SESSIONS

13.06. with Pedro Oliveira / Performance & Talk

14.06. with D’Andrade feat. Walla Capelobo / Workshop & Talk

15.06. with Sarah Ciston / Poetry Talk & Performance

16.06. with Sahej Rahal / Performance