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POETRY IN CONVERSATION: Halyna Kruk – There, the hairy spider of gloom is weaving

2022-06-18, 4:00 PM

Halyna Kruk’s poems respond to the immediate reality – even (and especially) in times of crisis and war. She writes about disappearance, fast-flying summer weeks and the heaviness that suddenly settles on our lips. Her poems are messages from an uprooted world that “flees like running thistle behind the humpbacked horizon.”

Kruk will speak with translator Claudia Dathe about her work.

The event will be interpreted Ukranian-to-German.


SA 18.6. | 16.00 | Clubraum | 6/4 €

With Halyna Kruk, author Ukraine and Claudia Dathe, translator Germany

Project leaders: Alexander Gumz, Matthias Kniep


The poesiefestival berlin is a project of the Haus für Poesie in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste, with support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.