Wenzel, Christoph

Wenzel, Christoph (c) Sascha Kokot

Christoph Wenzel, born in 1979 in Hamm, Westphalia, lives in Aachen. He works as an author, publisher and editor and writes poetry and essays that have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. Most recently published: “lidschluss” and “landläufiges lexikon” (Edition Korrespondenzen 2015 and 2022). He has received various literary scholarships and prizes for his poems, including the Alfred Gruber Prize and the Dresden Poetry Prize. Together with Daniel Ketteler, he runs the “[SIC] – Literaturverlag” as a literary project platform. He co-edited the anthology “Brotjobs & Literatur”, which was published by Verbrecher Verlag in autumn 2021.

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