The Scientist, Jahson

the Scientist, Jahson © Christoph Welkovit

Jahson The Scientist, born in London, grew up in London and Montserrat, Caribbean. Today he lives in Vienna. He is a spoken word artist, teacher and MC and works solo, with his band Sketches on Duality and in other formations and collectives. The focus of his musical work is hip hop with influences from Afro-beat, jazz and soul.

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CONCERT with Jahson The Scientist and band

Kleines Parkett 6/4 € | Tickets


Jahson The Scientist is a “wordsman” and has been described as a Spoken Word Artist, eMCee and anything in-between. Raised in both London and Montserrat (Caribbean), the Caribbean introduced him to freestyling and writing rhymes and London deepened his connection to music by crate digging for vinyl, becoming a DJ and being part of MC and DJ collectives. As a lyricist his music is centered in Hip Hop with influences of Afro-beat, Jazz and Soul, and in this concert, together with his band, Jahson The Scientist’s music will focus on humanity and potential, giving the listeners a view through the keyhole on the riddle of Adam from atoms, culture, “Black” matters, science and spirit.



The Scientist, Jahson


Far From AN Island

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Opening your mouth means getting involved. Spoken Word is poetic, performative, political, socially engaged and artistically diverse. Over the course of two separate evenings, ten national and international poets will present their poetic work. The invited authors have written texts that bear witness to experiences of exclusion and discrimination, the struggle for sexual freedom, self-determination and climate catastrophe – or simply the search for closeness and love. Whether spoken, sung or rapped – those who speak here speak for themselves, but also for and with others. Begging the question: How can we listen to each other, learn from each other and imagine living and writing together?


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