Stark, Willie

Willie Stark © TanzPoeten

Willie Stark (*in Paris, France) is a dancer, choreographer, performing artist, model and activist. She focuses on urban dance, house dance & hip hop, African dances (from Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Congo), some contemporary dance techniques and floor movements. With this solo, which she developed as part of the young talent development program Sprungbrett at tanz nrw 2017, she lets her virtuoso skills in house dance, with which she won numerous battles (Tanzhaus NRW, Pact Zolleverein, Juste Debout Paris, HAU Berlin), flow into a stage piece for the first time: With Melanism she creates a close look at her body and the way she encounters the audience. In doing so, she explores issues of race and gender that are central to her work as a dancer, lecturer, and judge. She has been a member of the artist collective TanzPoeten since 2021.