Soin Tappeser, David

David Soin Tappeser © privat

David Soin Tappeser is a percussionist, composer and performance artist based in London and New Delhi. At the heart of his work are ideas of time, interdependence and alterity. His performances and compositions use rhythm to codify, manipulate, and deconstruct linear perceptions of time. They reference cross-cultural entanglements, parallel histories, and extra-human frames of reference. He is part of the multimedia performance duo Hylozoic/Desires, whose work combines experimental poetry and original music to evoke Borgesian speculative futures and multiverses. They aspire to a flat ontological ether in which all forms of life – stone, spirit, machine, or human – are equal. They turn the linear notion of time and space on its head to create divergences that evoke wonder. H/D’s research revolves around (non)place and history as resources to learn from the multiple materialities of contemporary existence. They are concerned with the (poly)rhythms of love and the bea(s)t of belonging. H/D use metaphor as an event, an attraction that binds otherwise distant entities together.

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