Schadt, Kathrin

Schadt, Kathrin (c) Alex Rademakers

Kathrin Schadt, born 1979 in Stuttgart, lives between Berlin, Stuttgart and Barcelona. Most recently published: “Greta klebt da”, children’s book (Bübül Verlag 2021) and “Brotjobs & Literatur” (ed. together with J. Dathe, C. Wenzel, I. Balinth, Verbrecher Verlag 2021). She hosts literary festivals, including the international poetry festival “grito de mujer” and is the inventor of the poetry workshop POEDU, whose series is published by ELIF VERLAG. She has received many awards, most recently the Franz Edelmaier Residency for Literature and Human Rights 2023/24. She regularly gives poetry workshops for children, young people and adults.

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