Rudolfi, Alexander

Rudolfi, Alexander (c) Marf Mabo

Alexander Rudolfi, born in 1987 in Freyung; grew up in the border triangle of Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria, was the winner of the 30th open mike in 2022. He studied social work, then gained various experiences in the psychiatric field, moved several times and studied philosophy and literary writing in Hildesheim and Sassari (Sardinia). He was supported by the working scholarship of the state of Lower Saxony and was a scholarship holder at the Künstlerhäuser Worpswede. Publications in various journals; most recently IDIOME – Hefte für neue Prosa. The author lives in Altreichenau and Hanover and works on the concept of noise in the digital age. In 2022, the volume “hyperlinklabyrinthe” was published by Parasitenpresse.

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