Rasten, Fredrik

Fredrik Rasten © Elin Terese Osjord

Fredrik Rasten, born in 1988, is a guitarist and composer living in Oslo and Berlin. He focuses primarily on the musical possibilities of intonation and related sound phenomena. In his work he strives for an active listening state in which he intuitively explores the complexity of sound and harmony. On the guitar, he applies real-time retuning’s of the instrument, vocal shadings, and various preparations to create warm and fluctuating resonances. As a composer, he primarily makes music for smaller groups, with ongoing explorations of pitch relationships guiding the work, while also drawing inspiration from early music, folk traditions, and reductionist/silent forms of expression. Rasten’s recordings have been released on labels such as SOFA, Edition Wandelweiser, Ftarri, and Shhpuma.

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