Oleschinski, Brigitte

Oleschinski_Brigitte_Foto (c) B. Oleschinski

Brigitte Oleschinski, born in Cologne in 1955, has published volumes of poetry including “Mental Heat Control” (Rowohlt 1990), “Your Passport is Not Guilty” (Rowohlt 1997) and “Geisterströmung” (DuMont 2004). She studied political science and, as a contemporary historian, dealt with the political devastation in totalitarian systems of the 20th century. Her poetic work includes prose and essays, multimedia poetry performances and poetry translations. Her work has received several awards, including the Peter Huchel Prize in 1998 and the Erich Fried Prize in 2004. Most recently, her translation from Arabic (together with Osman Yousufi) of Lina Atfah: “Grabtuch aus Schmetterlingen” (Pendragon 2022) was published and nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize/Translation 2023.

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