Nicat Mammadov

Khalid Zeynalov

Nicat Mammadov was born in 1982 and lives in Baku, Azerbaijan. He is a poet, essayist and translator. He is the winner of the Azerbaijan Prize for the Best Translation of the Year (2004 and 2006), the Yeltsin Prize für die Best Translation (2007) and winner of the Russkaja Premija (2013). He has published poems in the magazines Druzhbanarodov, Arion and Deti Ra as well as the collections Axın (2010), Karta Jazyka (2010) and Mestovstretschipowsjudu (2013). He also took part in the event Wozu Poesie? (What is poetry for?) at the poesiefestival berlin in 2013.

Mestovstretschipowsjudu. Russkij Gulliver, 2013.
Axın. Qanun, 2010.
Karta Jazyka. Qanun, 2010.

2013: Winner of the Russkaja Premija
2007: Yeltsin Prize of the Best Translation
2004 & 2006: Azerbaijan Prize for the Best Translation of the Year

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Caspian Sea – Is that even Europe still?

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Neo-Orientalism and queer Islamic Poetry

Is Usbekistan Europe? Of course it is – if we define Europe as a cultural space and take the Poetic School of Fergana into consideration. Does Islamic-influenced feminist poetry belong to the cultural space of Europe? Sure, if we take the poetry of the Russian-Azerbaijani poet Egana Djabbarova as an example.

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