Marion Poschmann

von Frank Mädler

Marion Poschmann was born in Essen in 1969, studied German, Philosophy and Slavic Studies and now lives in Berlin. She has received numerous awards for her poetry and prose, including the 2021 Bremen Literature Prize for her volume “Nimbus”. In 2019 she gave the Zurich Poetics Lectures and in 2020 held the Liliencron Poetics Lecturership in Kiel. Her novel “Die Kieferninseln” (“The Pine Islands”) was on the shortlist for the German Book Prize in 2017 and in 2019 on the shortlist for the Man Booker International.

Publications (selection):
Nimbus. Gedichte. Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2020.
Die Kieferninseln. Roman. Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2017.
Mondbetrachtung in mondloser Nacht. Über Dichtung. Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2016.
Geliehene Landschaften. Lehrgedichte und Elegien. Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2016.
Die Sonnenposition. Roman. Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2013.
Geistersehen. Gedichte. Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin, 2010.

Awards (selection):
2021: Bremen Literature Prize
2020: Kiel Liliencron Poetics Lecturership
2019: Zurich Poetics Lectures

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Communion of the Absent

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Poetry is continually being made through language and bodies, production and reception. But in the pandemic performances, readings, concerts and discussions can no longer be experienced. Is there a danger that poetry will disappear from the collective consciousness if we are not listening to it together, discussing it, teaching it, translating it and continuing to write it? Where can we hear the voice and the silence of poetry today? Where are the round tables at which multilingualism, the musicality of language and translatability are discussed?

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