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Zaffar Kunial (born in Birmingham) is a poet with Kashmiri and British roots. His debut, published 2014 in the Faber New Poets series, caused a sensation. Several books of poetry followed, including “England’s Green” (Faber & Faber 2022) and the pamphlet “Six” (Faber & Faber 2019). His cricket poems in the volumes are among the finest sports poems ever written. Kunial takes the most British of games as an occasion to reflect on identity, belonging, and exclusion.

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POETRY TALK: Meena Kandasamy and Zaffar Kunial

Where Losses And Times Fold

PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN PROGRAM: The poetry talk will be solely with Zaffar Kunial. Matthias Kniep will host the talk.

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In their writings, poets Meena Kandasamy (born 1984 in Tamil Nadu, India) and Zaffar Kunial (born in Birmingham) contend with processes of social stratification, cultural codification, inclusion, and exclusion. Kandasamy is critical of the caste system in India and fights for womens’ rights. Her language is plaintive, addressing readers directly: “I want a word that waits and weeps and hesitates,” one of her poems reads, the title of which can be understood as a self-portrait: “a wild woman on a word hunt.” Kunial’s poems are more indirectly political, addressing themes of identity and belonging with personal family history – Kunial is the son of a British primary school teacher and a Kashmir factory worker – as well as the sport of cricket. Kunial, who himself wanted to become a professional player, published a pamphlet of poems (“Six”, Faber & Faber 2019) devoted solely to the subject. In one of the poems, he writes, “my bat felt as heavy as England.”


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Night Of Poetry

Großes Parkett | 14/9€ inkl. Anthologie Tickets


Weltklang – Night of Poetry is poesiefestival berlin’s prismatic and panoramic opening. Poets will read, sing, and perform in their source languages, demonstrating the full spectrum of contemporary poetry: its power, its diversity of approaches and styles. Just for the event, an anthology will be published in German and English so that audience members can read along with the poems presented onstage.


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