Kanat Omar

Vladislav Vodnev

Kanat Omar was born in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan) in 1971. He graduated from the St. Petersburg State Art Academy in 1996. He has lived in Astana since 2001. He was a prizewinner in the International Competition of the CEC ArtsLink Foundation, USA in 2013; finalist in the Novellasia Literature Prize of the HIVOS Foundation, The Netherlands, 2014; runner-up in the Emigrant Lira International Poetry Competition, Belgium-France, 2019. Kanat Omar is the author of five collections of poems including “Kablogramma”, Ruslan Elinin Press, Moscow, 2008 and “Nembo”, ISHO ODIN Press, Almaty, 2015. He regularly publishes poetry in magazines and anthologies. He also translated from Kazakh and English.

Nembo. ISHO ODIN, Almaty, 2015.
Kablogramma. Ruslan Elinin, 2008.

2019: Emigrant Lira International Poetry prize
2014: Novellasia Literature Prize of the HIVOS Foundation
2013: International Competition of the CEC ArtsLink Foundation

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Caspian Sea – Is that even Europe still?

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Neo-Orientalism and queer Islamic Poetry

Is Usbekistan Europe? Of course it is – if we define Europe as a cultural space and take the Poetic School of Fergana into consideration. Does Islamic-influenced feminist poetry belong to the cultural space of Europe? Sure, if we take the poetry of the Russian-Azerbaijani poet Egana Djabbarova as an example.

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