Jonis Hartmann


Jonis Hartmann was born in Cologne in 1982 and lives and works in Hamburg. He writes poetry and short prose, translates, organises events, edits and has published in magazines like Edit, Akzente and Detail. Hartmann has a PhD in Architecture. He co-initiated the Hafenlesung & AHAB reading series, is active in the writers‘ room studio for writers and was co-editor of the literary magazine tau. His poetry collection “EX“ contains poetic miniatures in which big stories kostle with snapshots from everyday life. With pointed, subtle humour they cross the boundaries of what can be grasped: “Later after the flea market we met the un/reliable narrator and imagine what he said,/tomorrow you’ll be screaming. We laughed and we’re still doing it now while we look/at each other and no-one wants to be the first.”

Publications (Selection):
Paul Bowles. Fast nichts. Gedichte. roughbooks, 2020. (Translation)
EX. Gedichte. ELIF Verlag, 2019.

Awards (Selection):
2020: Hamburg Cultural Foundation Fellowship
2018: Café Royal Cultural Foundation Fellowship and publication promotion
2014: Hamburg Literature Promotion Prize

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The focus of this year’s VERSschmuggel/reVERSible translation project is on poetry from Belarus. In view of the current political situation it seems more apposite than ever to let the country’s poets be as loud as possible and to intensify bilateral relationships, especially on levels other than the political one.

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