Jaud, Carmen

Jaud, Carmen (c) Ingrid Alsmann

Carmen Jaud, born 1955 in Höchstädt an der Donau, lives in Augsburg. She has worked as a teacher, headmaster, and a lecturer at the University of Augsburg. She is a visual artist and member of the BBK. Since 1995 she has worked as an author of poetry, prose and non-fiction literature; from 2006 onwards she has given spoken word performances with Walter Bittner and the WORTLAUT Quartett. Carmen Jaud leads the writing workshop Autobiographical Writing at the Augsburg Women’s Centre. Recent publications include: “Jahrbuch der Lyrik” (2020, 2021, 2023) and “Versnetze” (2019-2022). In 2022, she won the Ulrich Grassnick Poetry Prize and took 2nd place in the LISA Women’s Literature Prize.

Foto: Jaud, Carmen (c) Ingrid Alsmann

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