Jan Wagner

Wagner Jan_Foto (c) Alberto Novelli

Jan Wagner, born 1971 in Hamburg, lives in Berlin. Translator of English-language poetry, freelance literary critic and until 2003 co-editor of the international literary box “DIE AUSSENSEITE DES ELEMENTES”. In addition to seven volumes of poetry – most recently “Regentonnenvariationen” (2014), “Selbstporträt mit Bienenschwarm. Ausgewählte Gedichte 2001-2015” (2016) and “Die Live Butterfly Show” (2018, all Hanser Berlin) – as well as collections of essays – most recently “Der glückliche Augenblick. Beiläufige Prosa” (Hanser Berlin 2021) – he published the anthologies “Lyrik von Jetzt” (2003) and “Lyrik von Jetzt zwei” (2008) as well as the book “Der Wald im Zimmer” (2007) with Björn Kuhligk. Together with Federico Italiano he published the comprehensive anthology of contemporary European poetry “Grand Tour. Journeys through the Young Poetry of Europe” (Hanser 2019). He has received numerous awards, including the Anna Seghers Prize (2004), a Villa Massimo scholarship in Rome (2011), the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize of the city of Tübingen (2011), the Leipzig Book Fair Prize (2015), the Georg Büchner Prize (2017), the Prix Max Jacob (France, 2020) and the PONT international literary prize for intercultural cooperation (Slovenia, 2021).

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