Isasi Armengod

Isasi Armengod (c) k.A

Isasi Armengod is a duo composed by Isasi isasi and Luna Carlos Armengod.

Luna Carlos Armengod was feeling somehow trapped in the categorization of the different art disciplines, so in her search for new ways to express her work in a more complete way she decided to include music to her artistic practice. Isasi Isasi, on the other hand, felt the need to dig deeper into the artistic and conceptual world and look for new views and solutions to enhance his music production.

So one could say that this project is an attempt to merge both the musical and the plastic world as well as to overcome the boundaries of both. An ongoing search for ways to express what needs to be expressed at the moment, without worrying about it not fitting in. Without worrying about it not belonging to a predetermined genre or art discipline.


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