Härtelova, Magdalena Jadwiga

Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelova is a poet, curator, and group facilitator who works to create sneaky training grounds for autonomous organizing and collective liberation. They wrote It Is: You Appeared Once. A Story about Potential Dimensions, Abortion, and the Blurry Appearing and Disappearing of Matter [2022, s.L.A.p] and published their poetry in the Bridge anthology [2020, Bridge]. Together with John Broback, Magdalena is a part of a poetry and synthesized music duo Lightbush that will release their second album, Electro-poetic Maintenance, in May 2023. Apart from her poetic practice, she runs a gallery in her bedroom called Mehringplatz 20. She is one of the core organizers of The Hologram project, a peer-to-peer health protocol practiced from couches all over the world. Their other ongoing projects involve a free university of unlearning, strategizing for curating towards the end of Art-as-we-know-it, and connecting with initiatives that build anarchist care infrastructures.

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