Gryniva, Ganna

Ganna Gryniva is an Ukrainian jazz musician (piano, vocals, composition). Raised in a village in the west of Kiev oblast, she came with her parents from Ukraine to Germany at the age of 13. In her music she unfolds her different cultural roots. In her multinational ethno-jazz quintet Ganna and her solo program for loops and electronics she combines Ukrainian folklore with jazz, improvised and experimental music. Inspired by folklore research trips in different regions of Ukraine, Ganna is actively engaged in spreading the cultural heritage from Ukraine internationally. Most recently, she released the studio albums “Ganna Dyki Lys” (Double Moon Records 2020) and “Ganna Home” (Berthold Records 2022) with her ethno-jazz quintet Ganna. She lives in Berlin.

Festival Content


Kleines Parkett 8/6 € | Tickets


With Kemi Alabi, Yevgeniy Breyger, Kholoud Charaf, Athena Farrokhzad, Madara Gruntmane, Ramin Mazhar and Ganna Gryniva (music), moderated by Bohdan Tokarskyi

Violence can be silent – but it can also develop its own language. How might we counter violence with another language, one that does not further stigmatize its victims or – in the worst case – re-traumatize them? This evening’s poets will contend with different forms of violence: authoritarian regimes, censorship, war and civil war, forced migration, flight, and expulsion – but also everyday violence, racist police profiling, violence against LGTBQIA* people, femicides, or sexualized violence within the family or community. Poetry can both document and remember violence, but can also initiate therapeutic processes, extending the opportunity for solidarity and healing.


Alabi, KemiBreyger, YevgeniyCharaf, KholoudFarrokhzad, AthenaGruntmane, MadaraMazhar, RaminGryniva, Ganna