Escoffet, Eduard

Eduard Escoffet © Federica Danzi & Michele Battilomo

Eduard Escoffet was born in 1979 in Barcelona, Spain. He is one of the most important Catalan poets of his generation. Escoffet works in the border zone of traditional and visual poetry, with sound poetry and performance. In the 1990s Escoffet emerged with his live experiments with poetry and music; till today the performance, not the book, is Escoffet preferred medium. He works with voices, computers and projections. Escoffet also works as a critic, an editor and as a cultural agitator and organiser. He is specifically interested in the linking and interaction of cultural forms of expression: Music, dance, performance, video and poetry.

Eduard Escoffet participates in the festival as part of the European poetry platform Versopolis, funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

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