Erismann, Cecilia

Cecilia Barros Erismann © privat

Cecilia Erismann is a poet, multidisciplinary thinker and artist born in 1989, São Paulo. Since her childhood she has dedicated much of her attention to poetry, artistic expressions, human development and performances. Moving out of her home country, she traveled and lived in several European countries, published her first book Poesia em Flor Menor back in Brazil and obtained her master’s degree in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought (EGS, Swiss). Her thesis A dialogue between Poetry and Philosophy. An encounter of the writer with his reader got published by Atropos Press Germany, USA in 2015. Since then, she took part in several projects and events across the world such as the 11th Manifesta Biennale, a poetic musical performance in Zurich, Maumau Writers and Artists in Residency in Istanbul, as well as the Kunst.Raum Steglitz – a 3 days poetic-action on freedom inside a closedown female prison – and the We love us during the opening of Litehouse Gallery, both located in Berlin.

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