Egana Djabbarova

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Egana Djabbarova was born in 1992, grew up in Azerbaijan and Russia and lives in Yekaterinburg (Russia). She teaches Russian language at the Philological Faculty of the Ural Federal University. She is the winner of the 2016 Poetic Debut Prize of the magazine New Youth, was a finalist on the longlist (2017) and shortlist (2019) for the Arkady Dragomoshtschenko Prize. Her publications include the poetry collections “Bosfor” (2015), “Poza Romberga” (2017) and “Krasnaja knopka trevogi” (2020). She is also a contributor to the international anthologies “Under One Cover” (Kazakhstan) and “F-Letter” (UK).

Krasnaja knopka trevogi. Paradigma, 2020.
Poza Romberga. Translit, 2017.
Bosfor. Polifem, 2015.

2016: Poetic Debut of the magazine New Youth

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Caspian Sea – Is that even Europe still?

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Neo-Orientalism and queer Islamic Poetry

Is Usbekistan Europe? Of course it is – if we define Europe as a cultural space and take the Poetic School of Fergana into consideration. Does Islamic-influenced feminist poetry belong to the cultural space of Europe? Sure, if we take the poetry of the Russian-Azerbaijani poet Egana Djabbarova as an example.

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