Dema, Tjawangwa

TJ Dema (c) Masahiro Sugano

Tjawangwa Dema, born 1981 in Gaborone, Botswana, is a poet and cultural creator. She curates and produces literary festivals and events, holds seminars and conducts workshops. Her poetry collection “The Careless Seamstres” was awarded the Sillerman First Book Prize For African Poets in 2018. A selection of these poems was published in German under the title “Die Meuterin” (Verlag parasitenpresse 2022). Her most recent volume “an/other pastoral” (2022) was nominated for several prizes and was named Notable African Book by Brittle Paper magazine.

Festival Content

POETRY TALK: Dean Bowen, Charlotte Van den Broeck & Tjawangwa Dema

The Weight Of Each Syllable Upon The Tongue

Clubraum 7/5 € | Tickets


Poets Dean Bowen (born 1984 in the Netherlands), Charlotte Van den Broeck (born 1991 in Belgium) and Tjawangwa Dema (born 1981 in Botswana) will read from their poems and speak with Jumoke Adeyanju about Spoken Word as a performance of sociopolitical resistance.

Bowen, DeanVan den Broeck, CharlotteDema, Tjawangwa


„…grammatickt mamal aus…“

Kleines Parkett 8/6€ | Tickets


“How much poetic furor has been suffocated by the stench of diapers, quite literally in the muck, without even making it to the trash?” asks poet Dagmara Kraus in her polemic essay on poetry and motherhood. Other poets writing about motherhood found collectives, understandably called “CARE RAGE.”

Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Tjawangwa Dema, Athena Farrokhzad, Joanna Mueller, and Alice Notley write about motherhood, mother figures, pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, and abortion. In their poems, they seek a language to describe existential questions of motherhood and its archetypes.


Olsen, Ursula AndkjærDema, TjawangwaFarrokhzad, AthenaMueller, JoannaNotley, Alice