Daniela Seel

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Daniela Seel was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1974. She lives in Berlin and works as a poet, translator and the publisher of kookbooks. She also teaches Language Art at the Universty of Applied Art in Vienna and at the school for poetry in Vienna, among others. Her portfolio includes many international appearances and collaborations, such as with the illustrator Andreas Töpfer, the dancer David Bloom and the musicians Roland Dahinden and Hildegard Keeb. As translator Daniela Seels publications include Robert Macfarlanes “The Lost Words: A Spell Book” (“Die verlorenen Wörter”, Matthes & Seitz Berlin, 2018), and Anne Boyers “The Undying” (“Die Unsterblichen”, Matthes & Seitz Berlin, 2020).

auszug aus eden. verlag peter engstler, 2019.
was weißt du schon von prärie. kookbooks, 2015.
ich kann diese stelle nicht wiederfinden. kookbooks, 2011.

Awards (Selection):
2017: Mondseer Poetry Prize
2011: Friedrich Hölderlin Promotion Prize
2011: Ernst Meister Prize for Poetry
Residential fellowships in the Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, from the Goethe Institute Copenhagen (in Reykjavík) and the Berlin Senate

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The focus of this year’s VERSschmuggel/reVERSible translation project is on poetry from Belarus. In view of the current political situation it seems more apposite than ever to let the country’s poets be as loud as possible and to intensify bilateral relationships, especially on levels other than the political one.

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