Choi, Don Mee

Choi, Don Mee (c) SONG Got

Don Mee Choi, born in Seoul in 1962, is a poet and translator who writes in English. She fled with her family from South Korea to Hong Kong in 1972. She lived in the USA for a long time; but currently she is living in Berlin. Several volumes of poetry have been published by her, most recently “DMZ Colony” (Wave Books 2020). The German translation “DMZ Kolonie” (Spector Books 2023) was done by Uljana Wolf. Don Mee Choi also translates from Korean into English. She was awarded the Griffin Poetry Prize for her translation of Kim Hyesoon’s poetry collection “Autobiography of Death” (Bloodaxe Books 2018).

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POETRY TALK: Kim Hyesoon & Don Mee Choi & Sool Park & Uljana Wolf

A Ghost of Collectivity

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Kim Hyesoon (born 1955 in Uljin, Kyŏngsangbuk-do, South Korea) is one of the world’s most important poets, but remains comparatively under-read in Germany. Her books, often described as surreal, are books of the dead, too. With work at once comic, abysmal, and disturbing, Kim Hyesoon builds phantasmagorical, imagistic worlds – fever dreams, traversed by camels and other beings. These poems include mermaids who ponder their twin nature, stones that give birth to rocks which transform into dogs, and deities presiding over festering garbage dumps.

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