Badzei, Maria

Maria Badzei © privat

Maria Badzei, born in 1997 in Vaŭkavysk, Belarus, studied Slavic, Belarusian, and Polish philology at the Belarusian State University and philosophy and literature at the Belarusian College. Her poetry has been published in the journals Vierasień, Maladosć, Dziejasloŭ, and in the anthology Scriptorium. Some of her poems, translated into Ukrainian by V’jačeslav Levyckyj, were published in the newspaper Kultura i žyttja. Badzei’s texts tend toward associative montage of linguistic images and are characterized by rapid mental and spatial leaps. Badzei also translates from Polish, is the founder of the poetry project Zramy, editor-in-chief of, and organizer of the Minsk Festival of Languages in 2015-2020. She lives in Minsk.

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