Alahmadi, Galal

Galal Alahmadi © Mathias Bothor

Galal Alahmadi is a Yemeni, who was born in 1987 in Saudi Arabia and now lives in Berlin. In 2010, he won the President’s Prize at the local level, and one year later at the national level. In 2014, he was awarded the Abudlaziz-Al-Makaleh prize. He has also worked as a journalist and editor for various Arabic newspapers and magazines. Until 2016, he was a literary fellow of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. He has published four poetry collections in Arabic to date. In August 2017, he received the prestigious Mohammed-Afifi-Matar prize in Cairo. He has received the Torschreiber scholarship 2019, awarded by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and the Brandenburg Gate Foundation. It also enables him to spend two months at the Literary Colloquium Berlin. In October 2020, his first Arabic-German poetry collection Die Leere der Vase (Secession Verlag) was published.

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